The Filipino Toxic Culture and How to Deal With It.

I have been married to a Filipina for 20 years now and I know a thing or two about the Philippines and its culture. I do love the Philippines and its outstanding landscapes, its mixture of Spanish, Asian and American architectures, its cuisine and so much more, and I would go back there one million times to explore every nook and cranny of the archipelago. What are some of the toxic traits of the Filipino mentality? But, unfortunately, the Philippines is not just those amazing and fascinating things. It is also some of the nasty things that, from time to time, I mention in my blog and that qualify as "toxic". These include: Bahala-na (basically leaving things to chance and then expecting a higher power to take care of the consequences) Ningas kugon (when Filipinos have no clear plans or goals and their plans and goals easily fizzle out) Filipino time (the habit of always showing up late at an appointment or not showing up at all)

About Me

My name is Eduardo Maresca, I am from Italy and I have been married with a Filipina for nearly 20 years and in this blog I talk about the Filipino mentality and how you can deal with it.

My blog also contains posts where I talk about how I view the Filipino culture as a foreigner.

Because I am fluent in Tagalog and I have thoroughly studied it, in this blog I also teach the basics of the Tagalog language and grammar.

I created my first blog with WordPress, and I am gradually moving the material contained in that blog to this one.


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