Joe the "Amerikano" in the Philippines

  Officers carefully screening everyone entering a shopping mall...except Joe ang Amerikano A "Joe Nobody" in his country becomes "Joe Somebody" in the Philippines I remember walking down the streets of my wife's barangay alone and everyone would greet me with the expression "hey Joe". Filipinos automatically assume that if you are a Westerner your name is "Joe" and that you are wealthy and "Amerikano" . I also remember all Filipinos and their bags being thoroughly screened at the entrance of each shopping mall I went to. However the officers would just greet me and smile, as you can see in the picture above (that was at the SM in Rosales, Pangasinan), and say to me "welcome Sir". And there is nothing like hearing a Filipino call you "Sir" wherever you go, especially when you come from a country where your neighbor treats you like nothing. Indeed, the Philippines is the place where a Joe Nobody becomes Joe Somebo

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My name is Eduardo Maresca, I am from Italy and I have been married with a Filipina for nearly 20 years and in this blog I talk about the Filipino mentality and how you can deal with it.

My blog also contains posts where I talk about how I view the Filipino culture as a foreigner.

Because I am fluent in Tagalog and I have thoroughly studied it, in this blog I also teach the basics of the Tagalog language and grammar.

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